CRAVITY’s follow-up song “Bad Habits” will start activities March 11… preview image released

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Photo by. STARSHIP Entertainment

CRAVITY will start their follow-up activities with ‘Bad Habits’.

On the 2nd, their agency STARSHIP Entertainment posted a ‘COMING SOON’ image through CRAVITY’s official SNS to announce the activity of ‘Bad Habits’ whom will start on the 11th of this month, raising the expectations of fans.

‘Bad Habits’ is a song from CRAVITY’s 3rd mini album ‘CRAVITY SEASON 3 HIDEOUT: YOUR VOICE’, which was released in January this year, and EXY of Cosmic Girls, a senior of their agency, participated in writing the lyrics. It’s mainly an urban genre with an underground trap beat, a quirky main chop lead source and a heavy, deep bass sound.

“Bad Habits,” tells the story of them being thrown into a video game world and playing the role of Rule-Breaker, got a good response from listeners from the time it was released with its melodic lines and whispered vocals.

CRAVITY, whom finished their activities with the title track of their third full album, “My Turn,” will make a comeback with the follow-up song, “Bad Habits,” and show off a new stage.

After their official debut in April last year, they left a strong impression on people by winning all the rookie awards at various award ceremonies. This year, they have received enthusiastic responses through the activities of “My Turn”, and recently, even though it is difficult for them to work overseas due to the Corona, they appeared on the famous talk show “Good Day New York” of FOX5 channel in the United States and did an online interview, and they are attracting attention as global newcomers.

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