D1CE Woo Jin-young reveals the tracklist of his 1st solo album… The title track is “Happy Birthday”.

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Photo=D1CE Entertainment

Woo Jin-young of D1CE is making his solo debut.

On the 2nd, D1CE Entertainment released the tracklist of Woo Jin-young’s 1st mini album “3-2=A” through their official SNS, and announced that he is about to make his solo debut.

According to the track list, the first mini album “3-2=A” contains six songs including the title track “Happy Birthday”, “Rrrr”, “Room”, “Lock”, “Early Evening”, and “Good Night”. Each track is said to contain a variety of personalities.

Along with the track list, what caught our attention was Woo Jin-young’s participation in the album. He was credited with writing and composing all the songs on the mini-album, showing off his talent as an artist. In addition, the album was produced by producers bayb and Nu;face, who also worked together on D1CE’s songs, to enhance the perfection of the album.

The track list was released along with the preview image, and the interest in his solo debut is getting hotter. Woo Jin-young will be meeting fans with a variety of contents such as lyric spoilers, highlight medleys, and dance previews for “Happy Birthday”.

His first mini album “3-2=A” will be released on the 9th of this month at 6pm.

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