Dal Shabet’s Dal Subin has been chosen as the MC for “Beauty & Booty”

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Dal-Shabet’s Dalsooobin has been selected as the MC for “Beauty & Booty”. She appeared as an editor on Donga TV’s (Tong-a) “Beauty & Booty”, which began its new season on the 11th of this month in Korea. The show is a long-running program, now in its 8th season, that represents Donga TV’s beauty, fashion, and lifestyle information.

On the first episode, Dal Subin experienced an esthetic procedure to create a smaller face and conveyed her honest thoughts with her characteristic high energy. She is known not only for styling the costumes she wears in her performances but also for her excellent makeup skills, which earned her the title of “Kum Song” (someone who can create high-quality things) in the entertainment industry. Her active participation as an editor in “Beauty & Booty” has drawn much attention.

Regarding her participation in the program, Dal Subin said, “I am happy to be appearing with Korea’s top actors and K-POP artists. She also expressed her determination to convey her firsthand experiences and feelings about the information she has learned, as beauty and fashion are the most important aspects of how they fit with people.

Dal Subin debuted in 2011 as a member of the girl group Dal★Shabet and was recognized for her musicality as she was in charge of composing, writing lyrics, and producing for the group. Since 2016, she has been actively working as a solo artist, releasing 10 singles of her own composition and continuing her activities as a solo singer.

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