Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung has been selected as the new muse for ilyand

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Davichi’s Kang Min-kyung has been selected as the new muse for ilyand (12&).

Targeting mainly women in their 20s and 30s who place importance on individuality, “ilyand” has been presenting a variety of collections that match global trends each season, offering stylish signature jewelry. This season, the brand has appointed Kang Min-kyung, a leading fashionista in the entertainment industry and a popular wannabe among women, as its new muse, and plans to showcase her vibrant sensibility.

In the gravure released by ilyand, Kang Min-kyung shows off her goddess-like beauty with her clear and beautiful skin and pure atmosphere. She paired her simple and modern outfit with pearl jewelry and showed a wearable layered style to complete her sensual fashion. In another gravure, she showed off her feminine charm by accentuating a square-necked dress that shows off her neckline with a pearl necklace.

The product she wore in this gravure was the “21 SUMMER Monete Collection”, which features a faint but clear indication of her own personal taste and value that will not change over time. The dramatic contrast between the bold volume of pearls and the simple metal lines expresses a deep inner femininity focused on oneself, while the matte comfort of classic pearls and metal completes the vintage jewelry that will gain in value over time.

The new ilyand “Monete Collection” will be available at ilyand stores nationwide and through the official online mall.

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