DRIPPIN will be live streamed to commemorate their 100th day debut … Appeared in various costumes (with video)

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Photo = Woollim Entertainment

DRIPPIN talked about their impressions of their 100th day debut.

On the 4th, DRIPPIN made a live stream to commemorate the 100th day of their debut through their official YouTube channel.

On this day, DRIPPIN appeared in costumes that recreated their childhood dreams for the future. The members played a contest, looked back on the memories of the 100 days they had walked together, and played a one-on-one game to prove the solid teamwork they had built up so far.

In particular, the highlight of this distribution was the allegory box that appeared in the debut notice image. The members are “No. 1 on the music program”, “Eating out with the members after leaving work”, “Meeting and communicating with the fans directly”, “No. 1 on the music distribution chart”, “No injuries while working”, “DRIPPIN’s hope” We commemorated the 100th day by putting each wish in the allegory box, such as “All will come true.”

Along with this, the official Twitter of the members that everyone was waiting for and the news of the opening of their TikTok channels were announced, which surprised fans. DRIPPIN expressed their affection, saying, “We have prepared a gift for our fans to commemorate the 100th day. We have more opportunities to communicate with each other, so we will do our best to get closer to our fans.”

After the live broadcast, DRIPPIN shared their impressions of 100 days through their agency, saying, “It’s been several years since the members first met and practiced, but it’s really the 100th day for the group called DRIPPIN. It has a special meaning! It’s been a year since these days have accumulated, and it’s been many years. We’re really happy to be able to make our debut 100 days live with our fans. we’ll grow even more in the future. We will do my best to become DRIPPIN! We love you, everyone. ”

DRIPPIN, who made their debut in the music industry with their 1st mini-album “Voyager” in October last year, was ranked in the top 10 of the iTunes top album charts in 13 overseas regions as soon as it was released, and of course, iTunes K-POP albums in 19 overseas regions. It entered the TOP 10 on the chart and attracted a lot of attention.

In addition, they left an exceptional record as a newcomer group, such as being ranked 7th and 8th on the iTunes overall album charts of a huge record market in France and Germany, and 3rd on the Oricon Daily Album Chart in Japan. They have attracted attention as a representative group who will lead the next generation of K-POP.

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