DSP Media’s new boy group Future Boy, the first member Park Si-Young is released!

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Photo = DSP Media
DSP Media’s new boy group “Future Boy” has unveiled its first member as “Park Si-young”.

Future Boy’s agency DSP Media released the image of Future Boy’s member Park Si-young for the first time on the Future Boy’s official SNS at midnight on February 2, and received a hot response from global K-POP fans. ..

In the photos released, Park Si-young dressed perfectly in black and white, respectively, and attracted his eyes in a different atmospheres.

Park Si-young, who was released as the first member of Future Boy, is 18 years old this year and has both the visuals and dance skills. The profile film following the image of him will be released on the Future Boy SNS at 12:00 noon today.

The group name “Future Boy” is a name with the desire to always breathe with the masses and move toward the future. At the same time, we can feel the aspiration to become a team that presents a new future for K-POP and opens up together.

Future Boy will make a full-scale debut promotion on the starting today with the release of the official logo motion video. Starting with member Park Si-young, seven members will be releasing in sequence through official YouTube and SNS.

After the members are revealed, they will introduce fans with self-produced variety content on NAVER “V LIVE” and YouTube channel during the middle of this month. Along with their debut process of “Super Rookie”, Future Boy will be ready through a reality program consisting of a total of eight episodes to show and introduce some sense of the members which will be conveyed realistically.

Future Boy, has entered a full-scale debut countdown and will release a memorable debut album in March, presenting a new future for K-POP.

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