Elegant actress meets Yoo Jae-suk after 7 yrs for ‘You Quiz

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Actress Kim Hee-ae is reuniting with Yoo Jae-seok after 7 years.

Actress Kim Hee-ae / aka Kim Hee-ae's Instagram
Actress Kim Hee-ae / aka Kim Hee-ae’s Instagram

TvN’s ‘Yoo Quiz on the Block'(hereafter Yoo Quiz On The Block) said on the 5th that “It is true that Kim Hee-ae will appear on the broadcast,” and said that it will be broadcast in mid-April.

Kim Hee-ae has already finished recording ‘Yoo Quiz,’ but the exact date has not been announced yet. However, since Kim Hee-ae’s appearance on ‘Yoo Quiz’ was for the promotion of the Netflix movie ‘Queen Maker,’ which will be released on the 14th, it is expected to be broadcast in the middle of April.

Until now, Kim Hee-ae has not actively appeared on entertainment shows. She debuted in 1984, but has appeared on fewer than 10 entertainment programs. However, she has shown her friendship by appearing on Yoo Jae-seok’s entertainment program, known as “My Neighbor Charles.”

Kim Hee-ae, who appears in the Netflix movie 'Queen Maker' to be released on the 14th
Kim Hee-ae, who appears in the Netflix movie ‘Queen Maker’ to be released on the 14th

Kim Hee-ae met Yoo Jae-seok on MBC’s ‘Infinite Challenge’ and SBS’s ‘Running Man’ in 2016. Afterward, she couldn’t meet Yoo Jae-seok on entertainment shows for 7 years, but now they will reunite in 2023, gathering many people’s expectations.

Meanwhile, ‘Queen Maker’ is a story about Hwang Do-hee, a genius in image-making and a strategist in a large corporation’s planning department, who jumps into the election campaign to make human rights lawyer Oh Kyung-sook, who has been called a “rhinoceros of justice” and survived like a weed, become the mayor of Seoul.

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