ENHYPEN releases lyric video of debut album “BORDER: DAY ONE” … Expectations for debut increase


11 ENHYPEN debuting on the month 11 debut album ” The lyric video of “BORDER: DAY ONE” has been released.

In the lyric video, “ENHYPEN” depicts the opening of a new world with various images that represent the world, such as heroic sounds and narration, sunrise, solar eclipse, firecrackers, and fields. Born in the Mnet global idol project “I-LAND” that was broadcast for about three months from June, the boys who fulfilled their debut dreams sing the first step to take a step from the boundary of entering a new world.

ENHYPEN narrated in English, saying, “A long, long line that crosses a wide area, we walk along that line.” “Because we don’t know what kind of sky will spread beyond that, We run. To mark our dazzling dawn in the world, “he expresses his determined will.

Then, with the lyrics, “Walking in the sun on the first day, pain turns into joy step by step,” they reveal their expectations for their debut and are having complicated feelings.

A marching drum with a powerful atmosphere that announces the beginning and a faint dawn with the synthesizer that expresses the atmosphere and the Italian word “Camminare sulla linea” that means “Walk the Line” harmonize and excite the emotions.

ENHYPEN is full-scale with “BORDER: DAY ONE”. Even before their debut, they have already achieved “million followers” on each of five SNS such as Tik Tok, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and NAVER’s live video distribution app “V LIVE”, and is increasing fans all over the world.

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