ENHYPEN releases the second trailer for “FEVER”… showing some of the dance moves.

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ENHYPEN expressed their burning and earnest heart in the trailer of “FEVER” and raised the expectation for the stage.

On May 18 at midnight, ENHYPEN released the second trailer to a track from their 2nd mini album “FEVER” on their official YouTube channel.

This time, the video includes a beautiful dance of the chorus, which attracted a lot of attention. The sensual lyrics, “Because of you, my whole body burns / Because of you, my heart dries up,” and the beautiful movements perfectly combined to fully utilize the charm of the song. The members put their hands on their necks to express their sincere feelings for their partners. In the close-up shots, all the members boasted center-level visuals and won the hearts of the fans.

FEVER” is a song from ENHYPEN’s second mini-album “BORDER: CARNIVAL”, which was released on the 26th of last month and is a modern pop-R&B genre song. It is a metaphorical representation of a boy who is waiting to find an existence that understands him as a vampire with a lower body temperature than humans. He sang, “I have a fever that started because of you, but you are also the one who heals it,” expressing his sincere feelings for his partner.

ENHYPEN will release the music video for “FEVER” at midnight on the 20th and will appear on music programs.

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