ENHYPEN releases the second trailer for their self-produced variety show “EN-O’CLOCK”… a hilarious atmosphere.

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Photo = The second trailer for “EN-O’CLOCK”

ENHYPEN has released the second trailer for their self-produced variety show “EN-O’CLOCK”.

On the 3rd, the second trailer of “EN-O’CLOCK” was released on their official YouTube channel. It’s a variety show produced by ENHYPEN, and you can see their charismatic appearance on stage, but you can also see their usual mischievous appearance.

Following the release of the first episode on the 31st of last month, which attracted the attention of fans all over the world, the new trailer features the members of ENHYPEN Academy introducing themselves and having fun playing games. In the video, the members introduce themselves as class president, honor student, visual, etc., which gives them a fun atmosphere, while they have fun solving quizzes, which raises expectations for the first broadcast. This is the first time for them to be on TV.

EN-O’CLOCK” will be broadcasted on ENHYPEN’s official YouTube, fan community platform “Weverse”, and NAVER’s live video streaming app “V LIVE” every Thursday at 9pm from the 10th of this month.

After successfully completing the activities of their second mini-album “BORDER : CARNIVAL,” they will be releasing their debut single “BORDER : Ephemeral” in Japan on the 6th of next month, making a full-fledged foray overseas. They will also hold an online showcase on the 13th of the same month.

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