ENHYPEN’s five tracks, including the title track “Drunk-Dazed,” dominate the weekly music charts in Korea.

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ENHYPEN’s second mini-album “BORDER : CARNIVAL” has been ranked in the weekly music chart and has been really popular.

ENHYPEN’s second mini album “BORDER : CARNIVAL” was released on the 26th of last month and contains 6 tracks including the title track “Drunk-Dazed”. Drunk-Dazed” has dominated the music charts in Korea and abroad, capturing the hearts of K-pop fans around the world, and the song has remained in the chart position until now, three weeks after its release.

Drunk-Dazed” reached No. 8 on the Bugs Weekly Chart (2021.05.03~05.09), and four other songs, “Not For Sale,” “FEVER,” “Mixed UP,” and “Intro : The Invitation,” also made the chart. All the tracks except for “Intro : The Invitation” were also ranked in the previous weekly chart (2021.04.26~05.02). Thus, all the songs are loved, and the album continues to be well received for its completeness.

ENHYPEN, after their debut, put their feelings about the strange world they experienced through ‘Drunk-Dazed’, which tells a frank story that only they can tell, and also attracted the attention of music fans of the same age through the songs that contain subjects that young people can relate to these days. The song “Not For Sale,” which graced the stage on the first week of their comeback music show, contains the teenage feeling that everything deserves to be paid for, while “Forever” features a boy who is waiting for someone to notice him. The song “Mixed Up” is about the online world that has become a part of our lives, as impersonation has become the norm.

Another reason to play the entire song is that all the songs are organically connected to form a single story. From the first track “Intro : The Invitation”, which describes an invitation to a new world, to “Drunk-Dazed”, which expresses the emotions of being in a strange world, to the last track “Outro : The Wormhole”, which makes you pay attention to their next story. BORDER : CARNIVAL” is a musical album.

The highly accomplished “BORDER : CARNIVAL” and “Drunk-Dazed” have been doing well on the major international charts. They have been ranked on three US Billboard charts for two weeks in a row, and were ranked No. 1 on Japan’s Oricon monthly album chart for April, which was released on April 12. It also ranked No. 1 on the Oricon Weekly Total Record Chart (2021.05.03~05.09), which is announced by adding up record sales and sound source streaming numbers, and maintained the top spot for two consecutive weeks.

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