EVERGLOW Onda, Aisha & Yiren release concept photos for their 3rd single album “LAST MELODY”

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Photo=Yuehua Entertainment

EVERGLOW has transformed into enchanting female warriors.

EVERGLOW released concept photos of Onda, Aisha & Yiren from their 3rd single album “LAST MELODY” through their official SNS on the 9th at midnight.

In the released photos, the three members are exuding a mysterious charisma with their all-black outfits. The dreamy gaze of the members in harmony with the red background captivated the hearts of the fans at once.

Onda, Aisha & Yiren also attracted attention with their strong aura reminiscent of female warriors. The three of them, full of the charm of a girl crush (a woman who looks cool even to women), raised expectations for the new single.

This is the third single that EVERGLOW has released in about eight months since the release of “-77.82X-78.29” last September.

Since their debut in 2019, EVERGLOW has been loved by fans all over the world with many songs such as “Bon Bon Chocolat”, “Adios”, “DUN DUN”, and “LA DI DA”. In particular, the music video for “Adios” currently has over 140 million views, and “DUN DUN” has over 200 million views, so there is a lot of anticipation to see what kind of performance and music they will show through their comeback.

EVERGLOW’s third single album “LAST MELODY” will be released on May 25 at 6 p.m. on all music distribution sites.

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