EVERGLOW reveals 3rd single album “LAST MELODY” tracklist… title track is “FIRST”.

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Photo=Yuehua Entertainment

EVERGLOW has released the tracklist for their new album, raising expectations for their comeback.

EVERGLOW released the tracklist image of their 3rd single “LAST MELODY” through their official SNS at midnight on the 16th.

According to the tracklist, the single contains three songs including the title track “FIRST”, “DON’T ASK DON’T TELL”, and “PLEASE PLEASE”. Here, EVERGLOW’s aura of a mysterious female warrior is included and attracts attention.

In particular, the title track “FIRST” features EVERGLOW’s “Adios,” “DUN DUN,” “LA DI DA,” as well as Ollipop, Olof Lindskog, Gavin Jones, Hayley Aitken, and 72, who have created hit songs for many idol groups such as, Red Velvet, and TWICE.

EVERGLOW’s third single album in eight months, “LAST MELODY,” is an album that incorporates EVERGLOW’s boundless charisma and signature worldview. The girls will be showing off their charisma with a stronger and more mature performance.

After the release of the tracklist, EVERGLOW will release a trailer video, history performance video, highlight medley, etc. to add to the atmosphere of their comeback.

The third single “LAST MELODY” will be released on the 25th of this month at 6pm through various music distribution sites.

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