Ex-Wonder Girls Sonmi will make a guest appearance on “Brrr Friends”

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Former Wonder Girls’ Sunmi will appear as a guest on “Brrrr Friends” on NAVER NOW.

‘Brrrr Friends’ is a late night live show hosted by WINNER’s Sung Mino and Block B’s P.O, who are famous for being best friends. The show is based on the concept that Song Mino and P.O will “do everything they want to do”, and each time they perform a variety of corners, it’s gaining popularity.

Sunmi will appear as a guest on the 3rd episode and has also appeared on “We Met at Work” in December and showed her outstanding chemistry with Song Mino & P.O with her candid charm.

Sunmi’s new song “TAIL”,  is attracting alot of attention as it reached No. 1 on various music distribution charts. It is expected that the audience will be able to hear various behind-the-scenes stories about the new song, from the point of view of the bold dance reminiscent of a cat to the lyrics that Sunmi wrote herself.

She will be actively interacting with Song Mino and P.O, teaching them the point dances of her signature songs including “TAIL” and answering questions from fans.

NAVER NOW. “Brrrr Friends,” hosted by Song Mino and P.O, will air every Wednesday at 9:30 p.m.

NAVER NOW. is a service that allows users to enjoy live shows 24 hours a day on their mobile NAVER home screen.

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