EXO Kai is baffled by Bae Jeong-nam’s mysterious dance moves

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Photo = tvN “The Devil Wears Jong Nam” broadcast screen capture

EXO’s Kai laughed and said, “It’s like a dance the director dances when he’s drunk.”

On tvN’s “The Devil Wears Jong Nam 2,” which aired in Korea on May 22, Kai marveled at Bae Jeong-nam’s mysterious dance.

Kai and Bae Jong-nam went to a department store, where Kai admired Bae Jong-nam’s body lines. He said, “When you dance, lines are important, and even if you extend your arms in the same way, it’s the body line that affects it. I think Bae Jong-nam has perfect body lines and is a good dancer,” he said.

However, Bae Jong-nam performed a unique dance, which left Kai confused. Kai laughed and said, “It’s like the drunken dance of a company manager after a dinner party.”

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