Former 2NE1 BOM reveals beautiful body without correction … 11kg weight loss and confident pose

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Photo = BOM Instagram

Former 2NE1’s BOM has lost 11kg and released a confident photo.

On January 18th, BOM wrote on his Instagram, “The stylist said that it was very beautiful even though it was not edited or corrected, and took a picture of the shooting site. After losing 11 kg, I was confident and in good physical condition. I’ve improved ~. I want to make a comeback soon and meet all the fans ~. #Uncorrected site cut #No correction #No app used # 11kg weight loss #Thank you ”and posted the photo.

In the released photo, BOM is working on shooting with a confident look and smile.

BOM has recently gained a lot of attention by losing 70kg to 11kg. She is about to make a comeback this year.

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