Former Gugudan Kang Mi-na special unchanging friendship with DIA Jung Chae-yeon

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Photo = My Daily DB

Today (3rd), Mi-na held a “Ask me anything” corner to answer questions from Internet users through SNS. At this time, when a net user asked, “What do you do when you can’t sleep?”, Mi-na replied, “I’ll talk for eight hours. With my sister.”

At the same time, Mi-na released a screenshot, which was a cell phone call record, and the other party was Chae-yeon, who was saved as “Chae-yeon unnie.” In fact, Mi-na’s call record surprised the viewers by recording that she had called Chae-yeon for more than eight hours from 11:00 pm. You can feel the special friendship between Mi-na and Chae-yeon.

Another internet user said, “My sister, I really liked IOI’s activities. I was cheered up a lot at that time. Thank you.” “Thank you. Every time I receive such a comment. I’m really full of heart and happy. I’ll do my best. Thank you. “

Photo = Mi-na Instagram

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