Former Wonder Girls Yubin contacts Corona infected person? Office denies rumors “not true”

Yubin, a former Wonder Girls, commented that rumors of contact with a person infected with the new coronavirus were not true.

“Yubin is not currently in quarantine, has never been in contact with a person infected with thecoronavirus,” rrr Entertainment, the agency, said in an interview with Newsen on the 17th.

Prior to this, the Ministry of SMEs and Ventures tried to invite Yubin as a speaker, but rumors spread that she refused to attend because of contact with a person infected with the new coronavirus.

Inquiries to rrr Entertainment, represented by Yubin, confirmed that she had never been in contact with the infected and was not in quarantine.

Yubin made her debut in the music world as a member of Wonder Girls. Recently, after the contract with JYP Entertainment ended, she established rrr Entertainment independently. She is now a representative of entertainment the industry and continues to be active as a solo singer.

Reporter: Hwang Hejin

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