“Former YG trainee” NOA to release 1st EP “Too Young” on January 29th … Teaser video release

NOA, who is attracting attention from Asia, such as previous works like “TAXI feat. Tofubeats”, in Japan and won the No. 1 spotify viral chart in Thailand, will release his 1st EP “Too Young” on January 29th (Friday). ) at at 0:00.

At 22:00 on the same day, the music video for the lead song “Too Young” will be premiered on YouTube. Ahead of this, the teaser video of “Too Young” was released today.

The previous work “TAXI feat. Tofubeats” (released 2020.6) has reached a total of about 4 million views on streaming sites, and about 90% of Instagram followers are from overseas, making it active globally, mainly in Asia. NOA.

The 1st EP “Too Young” is produced by a trilingual NOA who speaks Japanese, Korean, and English with lyrics that mix three languages. In addition to NOA who writes and composes, this work invites KSUKE, Ryosuke “Dr.R” Sakai, mabanua, Chaki Zulu, MILLENNIUM (Lesson) as producers, regardless of the backbone such as Pop, R & B, Dance, etc. The work is a mixture of various genres.

The lead song “Too Young” was written when I lived in Seoul and sang a sentimental love in Korean and English. With KSUKE (DJ / producer) who is also active in big festivals around the world, it has become an emotional beat tune.

Comments have arrived from NOA regarding the work. He said, “Finally, the first EP will be released. Each song contains a colorful five-color melody that will give you a new charm. The lead song” Too Young ” was because i lived in Seoul, It’s a song I wrote around that time. I’m very happy that the lyrics written were written in Korean at that time and will be released as they are, and I’m very happy to be able to convey my sensibilities of that time in a straightforward manner. , The song “Multiverse” with the feeling of taking a step forward and feeling when you like someone. The passionate feelings toward your dreams and goals that each story has is my music. I hope these songs will shine together in various situations in your daily life, and I can’t wait for the day to sing with you. “

Furthermore, with the 1st single “LIGHTS UP” as a new version, “LIGHTS UP feat. SAAY” with the popular Korean R & B singer SAAY as a guest is also recorded, and a global EP is completed.

The promotion schedule for this work has also been released, and “Too Young” Pre-add / Pre-save will start from noon on January 24th (Sun) tomorrow, so please check it out. The music video for “Too Young” will be premiered on the NOA YouTube channel at 22:00 on January 29th (Friday).

Furthermore, from around 21:45 just before the release, it has been decided that the NOA YouTube channel will be live-streamed with a guest friend, MILLENNIUM. MILLENNIUM is Choi Reson who works as the youngest producer of YG ENTERTAINMENT, “MILLENNIUM”. NOA is a fellow who spent the past 5 years as a trainee at the Korean office, and is now a close friend for 10 years. Participated as a joint production in NOA’s debut song “LIGHTS UP”. He is active in providing songs to iKON, BOBBY, Eun Ji Won, AKMU, TREASURE, etc.

■ Release information
1st EP “Too Young”
1.29 Digital Release

1: Too Young Produced by KSUKE
2: Better Produced by Ryosuke “Dr.R” Sakai
3: Friends? Produced by mabanua
4: Multiverse Produced by Chaki Zulu
5: LIGHTS UP feat. SAAY Produced by NOA / MILLENNIUM

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