From ENHYPEN to TREASURE, 6 new groups to watch in 2021, selected by Time magazine

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Time magazine in the U.S. has selected six groups as the “New K-Pop Groups to Watch in 2021”: TREASURE, aespa, P1Harmony, ENHYPEN, STAYC, and Weeekly are its protagonists. While the performance and art industry is in the midst of a cold spell due to the Corona disaster, these groups overcame the bad conditions and made their debut. They have been working vigorously online to adapt to the situation, and are looking forward to the day when they meet their fans. They started off in a tough situation, but with their solid abilities, expectations are high for their activities in 2021.


TREASURE is the first boy group that YG ENTERTAINMENT has unveiled in five years since iKON. They made their faces known on the survival audition program “YG Jewel Box” that ended its broadcast on January 2019 in Korea, and released various contents in the following year to spur the preparation for their debut. Then, in August 2020, they made their debut with the single album ‘THE FIRST STEP: CHAPTER ONE’ and have released a whopping 3 singles in the last year, and their 1st full album was released last month, so they are not resting on their laurels and showcasing their unique music. They are the “super rookies” who won a number of rookie awards last year.

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aespa is a rookie girl group of SM Entertainment with a suitable ‘AI concept’. Their song “Black Mamba,” was released in November last year and reached 100 million views in the shortest period of time among debut songs of K-pop groups. Thanks to their high popularity, the song won Rookie of the Year award at several award ceremonies, including the Seoul Song Awards held on the 31st of last month.

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FNC Entertainment unveiled their first dance boy group in four years, P1Harmony, and even before their debut, they attracted attention with their unusual promotion. An intro movie was released in October, adapting the worldview of the boys who save the earth from being ruined by a virus that maximizes anger and violence. It has been praised for overlapping with the reality of debuting in the year 2020, when the new coronavirus is spreading, giving an even more immersive experience. Following the movie, P1Harmony stood in front of the people with the title song ‘Siren’ and captivated the audience with their highly accomplished stage. In addition, their first online fan meeting held last month was watched by 300,000 people in 136 countries around the world and attracted a lot of attention.

ENHYPEN, whom were selected through the survival program ‘I-LAND’, boasts a huge number of SNS followers. Their official Twitter account has surpassed 1 million followers within 11 days of its opening, and their YouTube channel has already gained the gold button (1 million registered users) even before their debut. Global fan community platform Weverse also has more than 3 million subscribers, the third largest after BTS and Tomorrow X Together. Their debut album sold more than 310,000 copies on the GAON chart within a day of its release, making it the highest-selling album by a group that debuted that year (based on a single album). With this support, the group has won a total of four rookie awards so far.

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“K-POP hit maker duo” Black Eyed Pilseung created the girl group STAYC, which debuted with the attractive song “SO BAD”, and what kind of hit songs will be released in the future? What kind of hit songs will be released, is already attracting attention. All the members are famous for their good looks , but also their solid performance and stable live skills make them show a high level of perfection on stage and attraction to people.
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rookie girl group Weeekly debuted in the form of a girls whom hustle and bustle. Regardless of gender, in the K-POP scene, which is mainly sexy and intense concept, showing a refreshing atmosphere is loved. The members released two mini-albums with cheerful appearance that fits their age and received good reviews. As the earliest debut among the six groups selected by Time magazine, they are steadily gaining recognition by showing their various charms through various platforms. They won the rookie of the year award at ‘2021 Korea First Brand Awards’, ‘MelOn Music Awards (MMA)’ and ‘2020 MAMA (Mnet ASIAN MUSIC AWARDS)’, and the next leader award at ‘2020 THE FACT MUSIC AWARDS’. Which also proves that they as popular as ever.

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