f(x) Crystal reveals everyday life on Jeju Island … Riding like a goddess

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Photo = monotube

The second episode of Crystal’s first Vlog series “CHARGING CRYSTALS” will be released on YouTube live & style channel monotube on the 8th. Crystal, who revealed the year-end and New Year holidays with her family and friends in the first episode, will move to Jeju Island from the second episode and show her natural daily life, including taking pictures.

In the second episode, the scene of the crystal riding a horse against the backdrop of nature in Jeju Island,  with a backdrop of forest roads and snowfields, grab your eyes.

Monotube, which exclusively releases Crystal’s Vlog series, said, “We have completely” fully, followed her” everyday in Jeju, such as her natural appearance in the dormitory and the candid feelings of celebrating the 12th year of her debut, and have achieved her real life.” “I think it will be a series where you can see her various appearances, from her special star character as an artist to the lively appearance of a young woman in her twenties.” It will be released at 5 pm on the 8th.

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