Gaho releases the first trailer for his self-written song “Rush Hour” MV… It’s like the opening of a movie.

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Photo=Planetarium Record

Singer-songwriter Gaho has started his comeback countdown by releasing a movie-like music video trailer.

On the 17th, Planetarium Record released the first music video trailer for his new song “Rush Hour” on their official SNS account.

The trailer begins with a cinematic mood, showing people on a congested road. Background music plays and soon a scene appears where a man gets out of his car and walks forward to reach a large truck blocking the road, raising interest in the full length of the music video.

In the preview poster, Gaho showed off his transformation into ash-white hair, heralding a bold image change. In particular, he showed off his cool and charismatic eyes in the dreamy lighting, which drew the eyes of the audience.

The new song “Rush Hour” has an impressive guitar riff and is a pop song with a fun sound and Gaho’s unique refreshing vocals. He has been working on various collaborations, and since the tvN drama “Stranger 2” OST “Wish,” he has been pouring his heart and soul into preparing his own songs for a long time, which is attracting attention.

In addition to the preview poster, Gaho also released a preview video that includes the production process of his new song “Rush Hour,” with its unique advertisement. In this video, he talks about the process of creating melodies and chord progressions, image making, what parts of the song inspired him when writing lyrics, and other music-related topics based on his problems as a singer-songwriter.

Prior to his debut, Gaho built his career as the composer of the OST for the drama “While You Were Sleeping” and the song “I Say” from SHINee’s 6th full album. In particular, last year, he recorded the No. 1 position on the music distribution charts with the OST “Beginning” of the JTBC drama “Itaewon Class,” attracting attention as a promising star of the next generation OST.

He also recently appeared on KBS 2TV’s “Immortal Songs,” where he performed Lee Sung-yeol’s “Fly” with his strong vocals and husky voice, winning the competition on his first appearance.

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