[GFRIEND] Fans, no minimum courtesy! And angry (I pre-ordered “HYBE INSIGHT”, though? What about a transfer for the autograph session? )

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「HYBE INSIGHT」Opening notice

Fans angered byHYBE INSIGHTpre-order, waiting for autograph session to resume

The exclusive contract between all members of GFRIEND and their agency Source Music will end on the 22nd of this week, it was announced in a blitz.

Fans who have already booked the recently openedHYBE INSIGHTmuseum, which is completely reservation-only, and fans who have been waiting for the schedule of the autograph session, which has beenpostponeddue to the influence of the Corona virus, are bewildered and angry at the announcement of the office.

<One fan’s opinion>

I dont mean to fault thedismantlingitself if the members agreed to the decision, but I am disappointed in the way it was done and the attitude. They should have given at least a months notice, and if that wasnt possible, they shouldnt have posted that insincere statement four days before the end.

Furthermore, they had the schedule up yesterday, put out another notice today, and then suddenly removed it. I signed up forHYBE INSIGHT? This is too awful.

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