GFRIEND SinB participates in the drama “A Love So Beautiful” OST … Expressing the crush of first love with a clean voice

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Photo = Kakao M

The OST (song in the play) of the Kakao M drama “A Love So Beautiful” in which GFRIEND’s SinB participated will be officially released.

“A Love So Beautiful” is a bright and cheerful high school girl Shin Sori (So Joo Yeon), her childhood friend Cha Hong (Kim Yo Han) who has been unrequited for 17 years, and youth with them. It is the first love romance that tells the story of the friends who spent time together. As the cool, wall-building man Cha Hong gradually opens his heart to Shin Sori, who looks only at himself, he joins the pure love of Wu Dae-sung (Yeo Hoe-hyun) who falls in love with Shin Sori. Expectations for the OST, which includes the crush of first love, are also rising.

This OST, in which Shinbi participated, is an acoustic version of Kim Jong-guk’s blockbuster song “Adorable,” which was released in 2005 and was loved nationwide. Jung Dong-hwan, who made the representative songs of MeloMance such as “gift”, “greeting” and “festival”, participated in the arrangement and became more talked about.

Shin Sori’s theme song, “Adorable,” expresses Shin Sori’s feelings that his unrequited love, Cha Hong, is adorable from head to toe and is proud of his own. doing. Shinbi will please the listeners’ ears while expressing the crush of his first love with a clean voice.

Kakao M’s “A Love So Beautiful” will be released on Kakao TV every Monday, Thursday and Saturday at 5 pm. 20 minutes each, 24 episodes in total.

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