GFRIEND to End Group Activities Today (May 22)… Expecting a New Start for the Members

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GFRIEND will end their official activities today (22nd). All the members of the group are ending their exclusive contracts with their agencies and will be making a new start in their own ways.

On May 18, their agency, Source Music, announced, “Our exclusive contract with GFRIEND will end on May 22, and after a long period of worry and discussion, GFRIEND and our company have agreed to show a better image on our respective paths.” As a result, they decided to go their separate ways without re-signing all the members.

They added, “Over the past six years, GFRIEND has opened up a new generation of girl groups with their diverse concepts, performances, and music, and they have been greatly loved by K-pop fans. We would like to thank GFRIEND from the bottom of my hearts for their journey with Source Music so far. We would like to ask for your continued love and support for the members as they start their active activities in various fields.”

Since their debut, GFRIEND has established a solid position as a “powerful and innocent” girl group and has gained popularity.

The members also expressed their gratitude to their fans through handwritten letters. First of all, Sowon said, “Thanks to you, I’ve had a chance to grow one more step. The time I spent with you all was very important and I’m grateful for every day,” and comforted the fans by saying, “Please don’t be too sad because this is not the last time we’ll be together.”

Eunha said, “I wanted to be a better person because you always gave me love and always believed in me when I was immature. It’s always been a beautiful and happy six years for me, and I’m really grateful to you for being a reassuring BUDDY (GFRIEND fan name) for GFRIEND. Wherever I am, whatever I look like, I will try my best to sing songs in the future. I will do my best to repay the loving memories I have with you all,” she said to her fans.

SinB also said, “Thanks to all of you who have been such a strong support and driving force for us during the six years we’ve been active as GFRIEND, I’ve been so happy to have received so much love and support that it doesn’t feel like a waste to me. I’m truly grateful to have been able to perform on stage with good songs, and my memories of the past six years have been the happiest time of my life.”

Yerin then said, “I am sure that I will never forget the time that I will never get back. No matter what happens, I’m grateful for the love and support of BUDDY and the others who have helped me come this far without getting tired. I want to keep this time in my life and keep working hard.”

Umji said, “When I think of all the BUDDYs who are trying to suppress their painful feelings in order to wish us happiness and to support us, my heart hurts so much and I feel so sorry for them because no matter how much I try to understand and imagine their feelings, I don’t think I can feel the same feelings completely. I hope that my wish to hug BUDDY’s heart, which is aching to say goodbye that she is not ready for, one by one will reach them,” she said.

Finally, Yuju said, “I’m worried that I’ve surprised you a lot, and my heart is heavy. All the time I’ve spent as GFRIEND, every day has been very important thanks to you, and I’ve spent the past six years improving myself, wanting to give you those days as a gift. I want to thank all of you once again from the bottom of my heart for crying and laughing with me during this process,” she said, expressing her gratitude to her fans.

Now that all the members have made a new start, the second act of their lives is expected to begin.

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