GFRIEND Yerin’s first activity after contract termination has already been decided! She will appear on the beauty show “Beauty Time 3”.

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While GFRIEND ended their contract with the agency and started to go their own ways, Yerin started a new activity on a beauty show.

Yerin will appear in Lifetime’s “Beauty Time” Season 3, which will start airing in Korea on the 30th. Beauty Time” is a show where stars reveal their beauty secrets and introduce beauty items and fulfilling lifestyles, and T-ARA’s Ji-yeon, AOA’s Cho A and Yerin have been chosen to appear on the show.

Yerin is the first member of GFRIEND to start her personal activities after the end of her contract with her agency. Although the future plans of the other members except for her are not known, the new activities of the members are attracting attention as they prepare for their new departure.

Earlier, GFRIEND’s agency Source Music announced on May 18, “Our exclusive contract with GFRIEND will end on May 22, and after long worries and discussions, GFRIEND and our company have agreed to show a better image on our respective paths.”

The agency said, “For the past six years, GFRIEND has opened up a new generation of girl groups with various concepts, performances, and music, and has been loved by K-pop fans. We would like to extend our heartfelt greetings of gratitude to GFRIEND for being with Source Music for such a short period of time. We will support the members as they take a new step towards a better tomorrow,” he said.

In January 2015, GFRIEND debuted with “Glass Bead” and created a unique genre of “power purity”. They have produced various hit songs such as “Apple,” “Crossroads,” “You, Me,” “Fingertip,” “Love Whisper,” “Time for the Moon Night,” “Sunrise,” “Mago,” and many more. They showed off their various charms, from pure girl emotions to gorgeous charisma, attracting fans in Korea and abroad.

The news of GFRIEND’s sudden termination of contract came as a great shock to many fans. Unable to overcome the “magic seven years” that many idol groups are jinxed by, GFRIEND decided to end their contract and start a new chapter in their lives. While the future activities of the members who are leaving the agency have not been decided yet, Yerin is planning to meet her fans at a beauty pageant.

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