GHOST9, comeback with 4th mini album “NOW : When we are in Love”… What does love mean to the members?

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GHOST9 shared their feelings about their comeback.

On the afternoon of the 3rd, GHOST9 held an online showcase to celebrate the release of their 4th mini album “NOW : When we are in Love”.

The title track is “Up All Night”. Their agency, MAROO Planning, said about the song, “Up All Night”, “It’s a song that captures the excitement of the moment when love has just begun. Fresh and cool rhythmic variations in harmony with the everyday lyrics, GHOST9’s interpretation of love brings out empathy,” they explained.

The concept of GHOST9’s new album is an impressive change. On this day, they said, “Since our debut, we have been presenting intense and charismatic music, but this time, we will show a gap, cool and boyish beauty. It’s a good opportunity for us,” they explained.

GHOST9 said, “We’re looking forward to showing you the universal and natural look of our generation. This is a concept that our fans have been waiting for, so we can’t wait to show it to them.

When asked “Which member can stay up all night the longest? GHOST9 chose Lee Tae-seung. Lee Tae-seung said, “I stayed up all night last night. It’s been a long time since I’ve done a showcase, so I was nervous and couldn’t sleep because of the pressure to show off what i’ve done.”

Regarding the theme of love, Lee Tae-seung said, “Love is an art,” and “I think it’s an art because when we love, we use a lot of beautiful and wonderful expressions for each other, from friends to parents.

Choi Jun-seong said, “Love is a game.” “There is love with your lover, but there is also love with your family, pets, and other things that you love. The joy of love is similar to the joy of playing games,” he said.

GHOST9 has had a busy schedule since their debut in September last year, but they said, “I’m grateful for the opportunity to make a comeback soon. We focused on our comeback and persevered. It’s been tough, but the thought of seeing our fans soon gives us strength. We’ve worked really hard to complete this album, and when we see the result, we feel happy,” he confessed.

GHOST9’s new album was released at 6 p.m. on the 3rd.

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