GHOST9 releases title track “X-Ray” MV trailer…look at the intense visuals!

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Photo=MAROO Project

GHOST9 has released a music video trailer for “X-Ray,” the title track of their new mini-album.

The video is set in the middle of the night at a set site with intense lighting, where the members appear one after another to attract attention. Each member is illuminated by colorful lights, and the upgraded visuals are even more eye-catching.

Then the background switches to black and white, and we get a close-up of the members’ faces, which have become even more intense. The intense eyes that hold the screen as they enter the labyrinthine world and heightens the anticipation for the stage performance of the title track “X-Ray”.

X-Ray” is set against the backdrop of an urban night that leaps powerfully past the mystical twilight hours, foretelling the spectacular activities and stages of GHOST9, which will be newly unveiled through this album.

The new album “ARCADE: V” is the first message of the new series “ARCADE: VOW” and will be released on April 7 at 6 pm.

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