Girl’s Day Yura & Yoon Park considering being offered a role in the new drama “Cruel Story of Office Romance”.

Photo=Newsen DB

There is a growing interest in whether Girl’s Day’s Yura and actor Yoon Park will appear together in the new drama “Cruel Story of Office Romance.”

JTBC said through Newsen today (March 31), “It is true that we have offered Yura and Yoon Park to appear in ‘People of the Weather Bureau,’ and we are now considering it.

Yura’s agency, Awesome ENT, also said, “It’s a work we’re considering.

JTBC’s new drama “Cruel Story of Office Romance” (script: Sung Yeon, director: Cha Young Hoon) is an office romance drama about the work and love of people at the National Weather Service, which is hotter than a tropical night and more unpredictable than a torrential downpour. The drama depicts the joyous love story of people who break down and fall down, but grow up every day.

Yura was proposed to play Chae Yu Jin, a reporter specializing in meteorology at the Munmin Daily, while Yoon Park was proposed to play Han Ji Won, a reporting officer at the meteorological office.

Prior to this, it was reported that Park Min-young and Song Kang would be appearing in the film, and expectations are high to see if they will be able to co-star.

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