Girls’ Generation Choi Soo-young holds a cake… and shares a shot of her birthday celebration: “Thank you.”

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Soo-young Instagram

Girls’ Generation’s Soo-young shared a photo to celebrate her birthday (she just turned 31).

On the 10th, Soo-young left a comment on her Instagram saying, “I don’t know what to do for the love that sends me so many wishes every year on my birthday,” and expressed her gratitude to everyone who celebrates her birthday.

She continued, “Thanks to the many people who are happier about my birthday than I am, I’m feeling a little embarrassed and cheerful on my birthday, a birthday I thought would just pass this year. I extinguish the candle with a wish that everything will return to normal. She added, “Thank you very much,” and wished that the Coronavirus would be over and life back to normal.

In the photo released along with this, Soo-young is wearing a tiara and smiling happily with a birthday cake.

Soo-young is appearing in the movie “New Year’s Eve,” which is currently being released in Korea.

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