Girls’ Generation Im Yoon-ah, why did you go to the sea?

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Photo = Im Yoon-ah YouTube screen capture

Girls’ Generation Yoon-ah has released a behind-the-scenes cut.

On January 30th, a video titled “Going to see the ocean with me?” Was uploaded to YouTube’s “Yoon-ah’s So Wonderful Day” channel.

This video includes Yoon-ah heading for Gangwon-do Tokai (Donghae-si) from dawn to shoot the JTBC drama “Hush”.

Despite the early morning, Yoon-ah showed off tough skin and said, “It’s not as cold as I expected. I think I’ve put on too much clothes,” while driving to shoot the first scene of the drama with actor Hwang Jung-min.

She pointed her smartphone camera at the sea to incorporate the sensibility of the sea at dawn however, she didn’t like the color and tried to take a picture with a different app, but looked disappointed and moved to the next place.

As she walked along the beach, she approached the sea to write “HUSH” on the sandbox, but the waves were getting her shoes wet while her stylist laughed.

In the end, she succeeded in writing “HUSH” on the beach and made new memories with many people.

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