Girls’ Generation Kim Hyo-yeon, unexpected recent situation & worries? Surprising confession with “Radio Star”

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Photo = MBC “Radio Star”

Girls’ Generation Kim Hyo-yeon confesses a surprise at MBC “Radio Star”.

Hyo-yeon, who stood in front of people under another name, “DJ HYO,” which was the acronym for the name, revealed that she had been traveling around the world before the spread of the new coronavirus. In particular, she surprised the MCs by revealing that she had sent a long message to Lee Soo-man, chairman of SM Entertainment, and the people involved, saying that she wanted to switch to being a DJ.

Yunho of TVXQ, a special MC who was listening to her story, praised Hyo-yeon’s passion, saying, “I heard that Hyo-yeon is serious about DJing.”

Hyo-yeon has had failures while working as a DJ, because of non-face-to-face DJ events due to the influence of the new coronavirus. Above all, she explained that other DJs mix bad words in order to liven up the atmosphere, “I’m a girl, but recently I’m practicing to say bad things while looking in the mirror,” she said. I confessed.

In addition to this, she mentioned the group activities of Girls’ Generation. In particular, she has been in charge of strong characters in the group, and said that she tried to envision an “exchange expedition” next to the project group “refund expedition” and said that “I am the quietest of these”. I evaluated it myself.

MBC “Radio Star” starring Hyoyeon is scheduled to be broadcast in South Korea from 10:20 pm today (27th).

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