Girls’ Generation Taeyeon participates in the recording of the popular variety “Saturday of Surprise” for the first time! Appeared in cute costumes

Photo = tvN “Saturday of Surprise-Doremi Market” Official Instagram

Girls’ Generation Taeyeon is Girl’s Day, she succeeded to the recording of the variety show “Saturday of Surprise-Doremi Market” as MC.

Cable channel tvN “Saturday of Surprise-Doremi Market” side today (16 day), “Doremi’s” through the official Instagram New member Taeyeon is here! Please pay attention to everyone. Tengu Tenten. Tengu (nicknamed Taeyeon) is the best. Hot-blooded fans welcome the new member Tengu. ”

The photo released with this includes Taeyeon who participated in the recording site of “Saturday of Surprise-Doremi Market” as MC. She wore a gorgeous dress to show off her outstanding visuals and raised expectations for her future success.

“Saturday Surprise-Doremi Market” is broadcast every Saturday at 7 pm 40 in South Korea.

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