“Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon submits resignation letter to SM? Instagram post creates buzz… Quotes a scene from ‘The Glory”

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On the 13th, Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon posted a scene from “The Glory” on her Instagram story. The caption was a scene in which Park Yong-jin (played by Im Ji-young) submits a resignation letter to the company. Taeyeon crossed out Park Yong-jin’s name in the image and wrote her real name, Kim Taeyeon, by hand.

Recently, there has been interest in her post due to the management dispute between her agency, SM Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as “SM”).

On the 11th, Taeyeon also posted a photo imitating Park Yong-jin’s expression on her story. This has led to differing opinions on whether this photo of the resignation letter is simply a parody or whether it signifies a move to another agency.

This is not the first time Taeyeon has taken such actions. Earlier, on February 16th, she posted a caption on her Instagram that implied the management dispute at SM, which garnered attention. It was a scene from the movie “The Unjust,” where the character played by actor Ryu Seung-bum says, “Everyone is really doing their best.” Some have speculated that Taeyeon is satirizing the management conflict between SM’s executives as it intensifies.

SM has recently resolved its management dispute with HYBE. On the 12th, HYBE announced that it would suspend the process of acquiring SM’s shares with effect from today. HYBE explained, “We have determined that the competition between Kakao and Kakao Entertainment has intensified and is showing signs of overheating in the stock market. Considering that this could have a negative impact on the shareholder value of HYBE, we have made this decision.”

Kakao stated, “Since the uncertainty has been resolved, we plan to proceed with the public tender offer as scheduled until March 26th and secure additional shares, and we will work to realize business cooperation between HYBE and SM, guaranteeing the autonomous and independent operation of SM.”

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