Gong Yoo & Park Bo Gum starring, movie “Xu Fuku” new trailer poster released … Sensitive Bromance

Photo = CJ Entertainment

Lee Yong-ju’s movie “Xu Fu” is a romance (friendship between men) ) The poster was released and attracted attention.

“Xu Fu” is a former National Intelligence Service employee, Gong Yoo, who took on the final task of transferring the first cloned human “Xu Fu” in secret. It is a work that depicts a story that gets caught up in an unexpected situation while escaping from multiple forces trying to rob Xu Fu.

The “Bromance Poster” released this time shows Gong Yoo and Park Bo Gum lined up against the backdrop of the blue sea, and they gaze at once. The sad expression of Xu Fu (Park Bo Gum) reaching for the sea on the screen conveys the feelings of Xu Fu, the first cloned human being who has lived only in the laboratory for the rest of his life. On the other hand, the phrase “the last thing to protect has appeared” along with the appearance of Kihon (Gong Yoo) staring at Xu Fu with an unfamiliar expression by his side is excluded from Kihon who took on the last mission just before his death. Amplifies the curiosity about the romance that is born in the process of protecting good fortune.

Gong Yoo, who has appeared in numerous hit films in the Korean film industry, and Park Bo-gum, a young Korean actor, showed a hot reaction even before the release, and this winter The movie “Xu Fu”, which has emerged as the most talked-about movie in the movie world, is directed by Lee Yong-ju, who caused the first love boom through “Architecture”, and takes a megaphone to show a sensual romance with a unique delicate production. I’m planning. It will be released in Korea 12 in May.

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