GOT7 BamBam releases a preview poster of his 1st mini album “riBBon”… Notice the unique hair color.

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GOT7’s BamBam, who announced the release of his first mini album, drew attention by revealing an unexpected title poster.

The title poster, which was released at midnight on the 25th through BamBam’s official SNS, shows him looking like a boy with the word “riBBon”, which represents the name of the album.

In the poster, BamBam is wearing a unique blond hair style with pastel colors and a big purple ribbon wrapped around his head, giving him a happy look.

The new poster is the complete opposite of the black-and-white, masculine poster that was released on the 24th, and shows off his unexpected charm.

The title of the song, “riBBon,” which also appeared on the two posters, has raised expectations of what kind of music he will perform.

BamBam’s first mini-album “riBBon”, his new start as a solo singer, will be released at 6 p.m. on the June 15.

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