Groovl1n leader Ravi, his artist Nafla, and co-founder will be tried side by side for military service evasion.

Groovl1n leader Ravi, his artist Nafla, and Groovl1n co-founder Kim Mo-soo will be tried side by side for military service evasion.

On March 13th, a joint investigation team from the Seoul Southern District Prosecutors’ Office and the Military Service Administration handed over 137 cases of military service evasion to trial, including Ravi. There were two military service brokers, five officials who manipulated attendance books to make it appear that social service workers had properly fulfilled their military service, 109 military service evaders, and 21 accomplices.

Of the seven, the brokers, Kim Mo-soo, and the officials who falsified Napla and his attendance book will be tried in custody.

In December of last year, prosecutors and the Korean Armed Forces Administration set up a joint investigation team to probe the fake epilepsy military service scandal and indicted 130 people. In the process, Ravi, professional volleyball player Cho Jae-sung, and actor Song Deok-ho were also identified as clients of the military service evasion scheme.

They are accused of colluding with brokers to submit false epilepsy certificates since September 2019 to get their military service reduced. The two brokers allegedly took about 1.6 billion won from their clients.

Prosecutors also indicted Nafla, an official from the Seoul Regional Military Service, and an official from the Seocho-gu Office, while the co-chairman of the agency Groovl1n, Kim Mo-soo, and three other officials were sent to trial without charge.

Napla is accused of attempting to evade military service by falsifying his attendance records while working as a social service worker at Seocho-gu Office from February 2021 to November last year. He went through the process of being demobilized as an unfit person for service but failed.

Nafla, who had been taking early and sick leave, falsely claimed to have worsening depression and submitted a false medical certificate, while officials manipulated the daily service status book to make it appear that Nafla, who never showed up for work, was on duty.

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