Han Ji-min ,What’s your wish for the new year? “Meeting my nephew whom I haven’t seen for over a year”

Photo = “Allure Korea”
Actress Han Ji-min has released some photos through the February issue of “Allure Korea”.

In the photo shoot, she showed a completely different appearance from her usual bright and lovely atmosphere. Wearing a simple pure black silk dress to create a pale atmosphere, or along with an off-shoulder dress with voluminous tiered details, show off a fascinating pose reminiscent of the movie “Black Swan”, with various expressions.

“I think the good thing about photo shoots is that you can discover other sides of yourself you’ve never thought you had”.

Also, when asked if she agrees with the phrase “actors speak in filmography,” she said, “I can see the path that actors have taken in filmography, but I don’t think actors themselves can be seen in filmography alone”.

Through this interview, she confided about her changes and growth with her desire and worries about new characters, and what influenced her works and characters for nearly 20 years since her debut, along with the people she met filming.

Also, as one of the wishes for the New Year, she said, “I haven’t seen my nephew whom i haven’t seen for over a year. I want to see my nephew overseas as the situation improves.”

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