Han Ye-ri appointed as an ambassador for the international contemporary dance festival MODAFE 2021

Han Ye-ri has been appointed as a publicity ambassador for the international modern dance festival MODAFE 2021 (International Modern Dance Festival).

The Korean Contemporary Dance Association, which is organizing MODAFE 2021, said, “Han Ye-ri is an actress who can bring empathy to people in various genres with her delicate expression and acting. She has won a total of 112 awards at film festivals, award ceremonies and associations around the world, including the 93rd Academy Awards, and was awarded the 2021 Gold List Best Actress Award for her role in the film Minari, which was recognized for her work. She is the perfect ambassador for MODAFE, Koreas oldest contemporary dance festival, which hasMODAFEas its theme.

A graduate of the Traditional Arts Institute of the Korea National University of Fine Arts and Music, she said, “My major is Korean dance, and I minored in modern dance and ballet before I took the entrance exam for the Korea National University of Fine Arts and Music. Thats why I came to see a lot ofMODAFEwhen I was in middle school and high school. In modern dance, you can cut your hair short, wear what you want to wear, and express yourself with dignity, so I felt free. Thats why the biggest contemporary dance festival, MODAFE, was a place where I longed to be with wonderful people. I am grateful to be able to participate as a publicity ambassador for MODAFE,” she said of being appointed as a publicity ambassador.

Han Ye-ri is preparing for her next drama, “Hometown” on OCN. She will play the role of Jo Jung-hyun, who lives with the social stigma of being a family member of a terrorist.

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