Han Ye-seul’s boyfriend is a former host? The office commented on the many reports, “Please refrain from speculating.”

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Photo=Han Ye-seul Instagram

On June 2, Dispatch reported on the past of Han Ye-seul’s boyfriend, Ryu Sung Jae, and revealed that they met at an illegal karaoke last year.

The media reported that Ryu Sung-jae worked as a host at an illegal karaoke and received financial support from married and divorced women, and quit the karaoke after he started dating Han Ye-seul.

In response to this, a representative from HIGH Entertainment, Han Ye-seul’s agency, said in an interview with Newsen on the same day, “After checking, the content of the article is not true. Please refrain from speculating about the actress’s personal life”.

Han Ye-seul recently went public with the fact that she is dating Ryu Sung Jae, a former theater actor who is 10 years younger than her. Many netizens congratulated her on her brazen declaration of passionate love. However, after that, YouTube channel “Garo Sero Institute” raised a controversy by raising a suspicion that Ryu Seong-jae is a fromer host.

In response, Han Ye-seul denied the allegations through SNS, saying, “Too much fiction, right? She denied the allegation. Later, through a live stream, she said, “I want this to end up as a happening or gossip, but I don’t know why this is happening. My contract with my agency was recently terminated, but I think it’s a kind of retaliation,” she said, expressing her frustration.

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