Heize is happy to be co-starring with Song Joong-ki in a music video…

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Photo=KBS 2TV “You Hee-yeol’s Sketchbook” broadcast screen capture

Singer Heize thanked actor Song Joong-ki for appearing as the male lead in the music video of her new song.

Heize appeared on KBS 2TV’s “You Hee-yeol’s Sketchbook” broadcasted in Korea on the 21st, and mentioned Song Joong-ki, who co-starred in the music video for her new song “Happy.

On this day, You Hee-yeol asked, “The male lead in the music video for your new song was Song Joong-ki, how was it working with him? How was it?

Heize replied, “First of all, I’m really grateful. I couldn’t believe it. When I look back on it later, I wonder how much of a precious memory this will become again,” she said, expressing her gratitude.

She went on to say, “(Song Joong-ki) was listening to the song over and over again as he was preparing for the shoot, and he seemed to be getting used to listening to it. I was very surprised to hear him humming “Happy” as we were shooting the music video. So I asked the staff to turn down the volume of the song on the set,” she said.

You Hee-yeol asked, “Do you keep in touch with Song Joong-ki in private?” Heize replied with a surprised expression, “We don’t keep in touch in private.”

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