Heize thanks Song Joong-ki for appearing in the music video for the title track “HAPPEN”, “It was an honor.”

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Heize expressed her gratitude to Song Joong-ki.

At the online press conference held on May 20 to celebrate the release of her 7th EP album “HAPPEN,” Heize introduced the music video for the title track “HAPPEN.”

She said, “The music video was made to capture all the moments that passed us by. It’s about how we always lived near each other, passed each other many times, and didn’t know each other even though we were both in the elevator together. I think you’ll be able to relate to it if you watch it,” she said.

The music video features actor Song Joong-ki, and Heize said, “I was able to get a really good actor to appear in the video. She continued, “I was really worried that I would get in the way of Song Joong-ki’s emotional expression and interpretation of the scene. She then expressed her feelings, “I was just grateful and honored.”

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