“Higher Rapper” Season 4 production decided! Broadcast in South Korea in 2021 … Preview video released

Photo = Mnet

Cable channel Mnet “Higher Rapper” is back in Season 4.

“Higher Rapper” is the first program in Korea that depicts a rap competition for high school students. Since it was first broadcast in 2017, we have found a strong supporter and at the same time shout out to the world 2002 Expressing the story of the generation as a rap, it has played a role as a window for communication across generations.

“Higher rapper” is included in the preview video released today (16) The content of the lyrics of the rappers who were recognized for their abilities was included. Lee Young-ji, the winner of “Higher Rapper 3”, said, “Since I was embraced in the frame of adults asking me to become a full-fledged person instead of the ambition I was screaming,” the winner of Season 2. Lee Ha-on said, “What is happiness? It’s not anywhere, it’s everywhere at the same time. We learned to live only by looking ahead, so we can’t let the happiness that remains around us shine.” And so on, they blended their candid stories into the lyrics.

“Higher Rapper 4” will be premiered in Korea early this year 2021.

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