Highlight “Show! Music Core” wins first place…expresses gratitude with a surprised expression, “we were surprised.”

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Photo: “Show! Music Core” broadcast screen capture

Highlight won first place.

On MBC’s “Show! Music Core,” which aired in Korea on March 15, Highlight’s “Blowing” and IU’s “LILAC” and ITZY’s “Ma. Fi. In the morning” were the first place candidates.

As a result of the tally, the hero of the trophy was Highlight. Lee Gi-kwang and Yang Yo-seob looked surprised and covered their mouths with their hands.

Yoon Doo-joon said, “I’m really surprised. I’m really grateful. While preparing for this album, the staff of the company, which was not very many, worked hard day and night. I would also like to thank the dancers, hair and makeup artists, and stylists. And lastly, LIGHT (Highlight’s fans), I really appreciate and love you.

OH MY GIRL, Space Girl THE BLACK, NCT DREAM, ONEUS, Second Aunt Kim Davi (comedian Kim Shin-Young’s stage name), ONF, ITZY, AB6IX, P1Harmony and others performed on “Show! Music Core” that day.

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