Highlight’s Yoon Doo-joon reveals a cool selfie… and Son Dong-woon’s teasing appearance.

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Photo= Instagram

Highlight’s shared a photo with Son Dong-woo and thanked his fans.

On the afternoon of the 12th, he  wrote on his Instagram, “Thank you, LIGHT (Highlight’s fans)! Have a good night and keep the show alive tomorrow (watch the show) !!!!!!!!!!”. In the photo, he is wearing a superhero costume.

In the photos, he is showing off his impeccably handsome visuals despite the super close-up shots  and the mischievous look of Song Dong-eun peeking out from the open door made fans smile.

Fans who saw this post responded enthusiastically, leaving comments such as “I was healed,” “Thanks for your hard work, brothers,” and “Cute kids.

Highlight recently released their third mini album “The Blowing” through various music distribution sites and have been working vigorously.

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