Hip-hop survival program “SHOW ME THE MONEY 9” will be broadcast for the first time in Japan on Mnet from January 21, 2021

Korea’s leading hip-hop survival program “SHOW ME THE MONEY 9” is

First broadcast in Japan on Mnet from January 21 2021 , was decided.

WHO IS THE NEXT YOUNG BOSS? The HIPHOP war that shakes the whole world begins again! The producers this time are Dynamic Duo & BewhY, CODE KUNST & Paloalto, Zion.T & Giriboy, JUSTHIS & Groovy Room.

So many people select good rappers and engage in fierce team competition! The winner will be given the title of “Young Boss”, which means the new protagonist of the Korean HIPHOP scene, and will be given not only the winning prize but also high-class support for active music activities! This season, popular idols such as PENTAGON Wooseok and Stray Kids Changbin will participate as well as active rappers and unknown talents. Furthermore, Swings, who has been a producer three times in the past, will participate as a challenger! Who is “Young Boss” who stands at the top of 23,000 applicants, the largest number in the history of the program? ?? Don’t miss the incandescent battle that will liven up the Korean hip hop world!

■ Program information
2021 January

Sun (Thursday) Depth 0: 30 ~ Broadcast start!

Weekly (Thursday) 0: 30 ~ On air [MC] Kim Jin-pyo
[Cast] Dynamic Duo, BewhY, CODE KUNST, Paloalto, Zion.T, GIRIBOY, JUSTHIS, GroovyRoom, Holiday (Host DJ) and others

2020 Mnet / Number of stories undecided / Each 105 ~ 120 minutes / Subtitle broadcast / Subtitle broadcast / HD / Japan’s first broadcast
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