Hitomi Honda and Nako Yabuki, after the end of IZ*ONE’s activities…

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Photo=Hitomi Honda Instagram

Hitomi Honda and Nako Yabuki updated their Instagram for the first time since the end of IZ*ONE’s activities.

On the 16th, Hitomi Honda wrote on her Instagram, “It’s been a long time since everyone. I’ll be updating my Instagram a lot again~! Please take care of me. This time, she posted a photo with the comment, “I bought a yoga mat from a mail order store during the quarantine period, the same color as my hair color (laughs).”

In the photo, she is lying on a hot pink yoga mat, and the color of the mat matches her pink hair, and she is looking at the camera with an adorable expression.

On the same day, Nako Yabuki also wrote on her Instagram, “It’s been a while,” and posted a few photos. The photos show her in a cute pose with her hair in a bun.

The two updated their Instagram for the first time in almost three years, since their last post in September 2018, with fans saying, “Welcome back! They have been getting a lot of positive reactions from fans, such as “We’ve been waiting for you” and “You’re too cute.”

The girls recently returned to Japan with Sakura Miyawaki after finishing their activities with IZ*ONE.

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