“Homemade Love Story” Lee Jang Woo & Jin Ki Joo, in danger of farewell? Collision over Um Hyo Sup

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* This article contains content related to the story of the drama.

Photo = KBS 2TV “Homemade Love Story” broadcast screen capture

Lee Jang Woo and Jin Ki Joo are in danger of breaking up for Um Hyo Sup.

In the 37th episode of KBS 2TV weekend drama “Homemade Love Story”

On the day’s broadcast, Jae Hee was in jeopardy as Pilhon stole the contract. Pilhon followed Lee Chun-suk (Jeong Jae-sun)’s instructions and later learned that he had ruined his daughter Bitcheun’s lover Jae-hee’s business. Pilhon explained to Jae Hee and Bitcheun that he “did not know.”

As a result, the opinions of Jae Hee and Bitcheun began to diverge. Jae Hee gets angry with Chun Suk who used Pilhon and Chang Soa (Han Bo-reum) behind him, and demands that Soa recover the status quo. Meanwhile, Bitcheun went to Chun Suk and knelt down. Chun-suk suggested a deal to help Jae Hee by tying up Pilhon’s limbs and killing him far away.

Then, at the end of the day’s broadcast, Pilhon was arrested in front of Bitcheun, and the trailer showed Jae Hee doing well. Bitcheun was angry with Jae Hee, saying, “What are you doing now? Who is clearing who’s wet clothes now. When Jae Hee does this, he can’t be by his side.”

Jae Hee told Bitcheun, “Would you like to leave for the time being?” And foretold the danger of parting between the two. There was a conflict between Bitcheun, who tried to detain Pilhon to protect Jae Hee, and Jae Hee, who tried to dispel the stigma of Bitcheun’s real father, Pilhon.

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