Huh Chan-mi from “Produce 101” reveals the behind-the-scenes of her audition show, “There were many twists and turns, but…”

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Singer Huh Chan-mi, who was selected as one of the final top 11 in “Miss Trot 2,” shared her behind-the-scenes story in an interview with Woman Sense magazine.

In the interview, Huh Chan-mi said, “I was touched by the support of middle-aged and older people, which I didn’t have when I was working as an idol,” and said, “If I hadn’t tried trot singing, I wouldn’t have been able to feel the love,” revealing her thoughts on the end of “Miss Trot 2.

Huh Chan-mi’s appearance on “Miss Trot 2” attracted a lot of attention. She debuted as a member of the idol group Co-ed and performed as F-VE DOLLS. She then made herself known by appearing on the audition show “Produce 101” Season 1 and “Mix Nine”. About this, she said, “This was my third audition show challenge. There were many twists and turns, such as the breakup of the group, but I always wanted to be on stage, so I was able to try.

She also shared episodes with the cast members she met in “Miss Trot 2”. Huh Chan-mi said, “Eun Ga Eun (7th place in the final ranking) helped me a lot. Although the show is over, we still have a relationship that we can rely on,” she said. “Not only that, but all the cast members shared the hardest parts of the show and even shared food with each other to encourage each other so much that we forgot that it was a survival show.

As a role model in the music world, she chose singer Lee Hyori. She said, “Since I was a child, I have watched Lee Hyori and developed my dream of becoming a singer. Even now, I often listen to Lee Hyori’s ‘U Go Girl,'” she added.

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