Hyuna Kim releases new song “I’m Not Cool” MV … Comeback with even more intense and gorgeous performance

Photo = P NATION
Singer Hyuna has made a comeback with her unique music.

At 6 pm on the 28th, Hyuna released her 7th mini album titled “I’m Not Cool” and the music video of the title song “I’m Not Cool” through various music distribution sites.

She made a comeback for the first time in about a year and two months from “FLOWER SHOWER” released in November 2019, and she showed off her new charm with even more intense performance and individuality.

“I’m Not Cool” is an album that shows her true appearance, which looks cool but isn’t really cool. Including the title song “I’m Not Cool”, Hyuna Kim participated in the songwriting, the song “GOOD GIRL” that best expressed her personality, “Show Window” that frankly expressed the lonely feelings after the glitz, Five songs with various atmospheres are recorded, including “Party, Feel, Love (Feat. DAWN)” written, composed and featured by DAWN (formerly PENTAGON’s E’Dawn), and “FLOWER SHOWER”.

The title song “I’m Not Cool” produced by PSY, the representative of the agency P NATION, is a pop dance genre with a profound 808 bass and ethnic synth sound in the moon barton rhythm. The lyrics “I’m Not Cool” are repeated on the chorus, and it becomes a habit.

PSY, Kim Hyuna, and DAWN jointly participated in the songwriting, and in collaboration with the world-renowned Japanese choreographer RIE HATA and Korea’s hottest choreographer BB Trippin.

Hyuna, who looks gorgeous and cool on the stage, is singing a song that honestly expresses her feelings while shouting “I’m not really cool”, “Money Honey I’m so greedy / Oh yeah / Gimme that Gimme that I’m not pretty / So Nanana / I can’t keep up with my mood Rabiosa / Nothing worse than me Like a viper snake / I’m not cool / I’m not cool I’m not /.

The music video shows Kim Hyuna performing a powerful performance with the dancers, and the vivid colors and gorgeous images are eye-catching.

Hyuna, who is pioneering her own genre with excellent charm and atmosphere for each album, is paying attention to the new appearance that she will show through this album.

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